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Driving a different approach to Strategy Consulting

M2 Driving a different approach to Strategy Consulting

Air Malta plc

Engaged by Air Malta’s Chief Restructuring Officer to drive an extensive Business Process Re-engineering in support of the airline restructuring plan required by the European Union. M2 systematically worked with the airline to address core operations including Order to Cash, Purchase to Pay, Aircraft Turnaround, Passenger Processes, Ground Services Equipment processes and other areas. This work is driving high impact results, positively transforming the airline’s On Time Performance while materially reducing operational cost.

Business Process Re-engineering and Program/Project Management

M2 launched each business process re-engineering initiative with an in-depth assessment, working with airline staff to disaggregate existing airline processes, identify relevant issues and analyse operational metrics against target internal and international benchmarks. This required active engagement with airline staff across multiple functions and included walking through actual processes, extensive analysis of operational data, timed observations and airside walk-throughs.  These assessments brought important insights to the airline, helping identify root causes, issues and underlying factors driving costs, passenger experiences and operational risk.

To generate Options to address these issues, M2 organized workshops that included cross-functional, cross-seniority, teams, and to convert M2 analysis, and airline employee insights, into tangible options and alternatives. By implementing a bottom-up approach and actively involving staff at all levels of the operation the process gained a more granular perspective on the issues faced, generating practical and workable solutions for achieving their resolution. It also built a strong foundational understanding as well as a commitment for the airline’s key change leaders at all levels.

These ideas and initiatives were evaluated for impact, integrated, staged and consolidated into implementation roadmaps. Quick wins were identified at the earliest stages, and implemented, rapidly demonstrating both that staff recommendations were being actioned and that senior management commitment to change existed thus establishing trust in the process at the outset.

All project streams were managed, and on an ongoing basis structured progress was tracked and monitored, with impediments to delivery addressed. In subsequent workshops progress reports were delivered to the original teams who in turn shared their implementation experiences. Furthermore M2 then organized regular 2-3 day program meetings with a senior international Airline Expert present to offer impartial mentoring of the process to the highest independent industry standards.

Performance Management

M2 applied its expertise in performance management to work with Air Malta in delivering top-quartile levels of punctuality. Through background research, interviews, and workshops, clear benchmarks for all steps in the turnaround process were identified and mapped. Representatives of all teams affected were engaged in order to endorse the timestamps necessary to ensure on-time-performance and create shared ownership.

Going beyond this M2 then worked with all stakeholders to prepare contingency timings to be implemented, where time recovery was required to ensure on time performance. Systems were designed and launched to monitor compliance with the timestamps, on an ongoing basis, with the new timestamp based data providing clear and quantifiable information on how and where improvement has been delivered, and where opportunities for further improvement exist.

M2 worked with the airline staff to assimilate and process the volumes of data necessary to underpin the complicated analysis being conducted. Where necessary M2’s insights supported the ongoing optimization of airline systems, to deliver improved data collection. Contractual relationships with third-party service providers were also investigated, collecting objective data with which to inform detailed conversations about levels of performance against contractual requirements.

Inside-Out-Branding and Brand Management

An essential part of the delivery of the new on-time-performance initiative was the inside-out branding program applying M2’s own proprietary expertise in this field. This plan combined staff videos shared on-line, with employee town-hall meetings, and printed documentation for staff to have available at all times. Communication and staff engagement ensured that the new standards were rapidly assimilated into staff working practices.

When Air Malta needed third-party independent verification of the steps they were taking to bring their customer loyalty program up-to-date they turned to M2’s expertise in brand management to co-ordinate client focus groups. M2 brought together panels of real clients of Air Malta’s existing loyalty program, in three supervised sessions, discussing their real-world experience of the program. From this, and other research, a detailed report was provided, along with a clear outline of the requirements of a new airline customer loyalty programme.

IT Strategy and Governance

M2 worked with the client to align the airline’s IT strategy and IT governance with its existing program of corporate re-engineering, providing a holistic approach and high-level managerial sponsorship. By also providing key personnel for a dedicated and fixed-term engagement M2 ensured that the new technology is integral to the re-engineered organisational structures, operational processes, and procedures. M2 was able to govern technology implementation (at the highest level), and the business process re-engineering program already in place, to provide the necessary technology solutions.