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Driving a different approach to Strategy Consulting

M2 Driving a different approach to Strategy Consulting

Trans-global Secure Collaboration Program

Trans-global Secure Collaboration Program www.tscp.org is the only government-industry partnership specifically focused on facilitating solutions to one of the most critical issues in Aerospace and Defense (A&D) today: the need for auditable, identity-based, secure flows of information. A&D companies need to mitigate the risks related to compliance, complexity and cost that are inherent in large-scale, collaborative programs and that span national jurisdictions with the need to protect intellectual property (IP) while demonstrating willingness and ability to share contractual information.
This duality requires that security be both within organizations and across extended supply chains and partners. TSCP has been prototyping and subsequently implementing commercial solutions to address this need.
M2 -Business Frameworks supported Project Solutions Corporation (PSC – www.psc-team.com) in the full Program Delivery Management of the TSCP Program Office and led the detailed Project Management Support to over 7 TSCP project teams. M2 -Business Frameworks brought program and project management disciplines combined with a strong cultural understanding to build an integrated master plan for the product prototypes, engaging participants and the service provider Exostar. Instrumental in building momentum on the program resulting in initial capability being delivered in the secure email, web authentication and federated document management areas within a period of 15 months.
M2 -Business Frameworks and Project Solutions Corporation provided both the momentum and the integration across participants to transition the program out of a ‘research’ mode into a tangible set of solutions that were tested across program participants to ensure both technology and business viability. These were then supported by standards, policies and guidelines to enable large scale implementation.