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Driving a different approach to Strategy Consulting

M2 Driving a different approach to Strategy Consulting

New Business / Product Start-ups

Start Ups are a unique practice area that, while often needing much of the same foundational processes as ongoing businesses, offers a special case with unique needs and requirements. We have had extensive experience in enabling start-ups get off the ground effectively and with impact. From researching and defining new product concepts, establishing the foundational processes, to creating an achievable business plan, developing IT architectures, developing products and building out launch campaigns, our support of New Businesses and Start Ups can take on a broad range of supporting roles in new business launches.

Case Study: Virgin

Building a team and launching into a new market is always a unique challenge. On the ground in Boston, as part of the 5 person Virgin launch team, M2 was involved in putting all business requirements in place to ensure a successful business launch. Our involvement spanned from the design of Virgin’s reward program; design of the online health insurance product in partnership with Humana; implementation of its customer service processes and call centre; program management of its full launch efforts; development of its funding business plans; ISO and HIPAA accreditation and a myriad of underlying capabilities required to enable a business to start-up and operate effectively. By the time our assignment was complete, Virgin Life Care employed a team of 55 staff and had successfully launched in Texas, Florida and Kentucky.